Suggested hotels near venue

Below you will find selected hotels CAP Partner has made a special agreement with. Of course you are free to book any other hotel.

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Phoenix Copenhagen
Bredgade 37 
DK-1260 Copenhagen

The Square Hotel
Rådhuspladsen 14
DK-1550 Copenhagen

Wake Up 
Borgergade 9
DK-1300 Copenhagen

Participants at 4EU+ Annual Meeting can book rooms at 10% discount on the going daily rate at Phoenix Copenhagen Hotel (4*) and The Square Hotel (4*). Use the links above to book the hotels with the 10% discount.

Participants are offered rooms at reduced rates at Wake Up Copenhagen Borgergade (2*) for a fixed number of rooms. Rates include breakfast. The reduced rates will apply to bookings so long rooms are available.

Number of rooms are limited at the reduced rates, and we urge participants to book as soon as possible. In case these reduced rates are no longer available, it is possible to book their public rates and offers via the link. Note their public rates DO NOT include breakfast.

Bookings at all three hotels must be guaranteed by credit card. You pay at check in. Each individual guest can cancel up to 7 days before arrival, should the need arise. In case of later cancellation or no show, the guest’s credit card is automatically charged for the first night’s stay.